Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Need backstitching ...

I keep working on the little girl's dress but without the backstitching, it looks strange. I don't complain too much as I don't have to change the colors all the time on her dress. I plan to do the backstitch this afternoon as my mom has invited us for lunch. Kids don't have school on wednesdays. I always get bored over there so I'll bring my angels and see if I can stitch a lot during Esteban's nap.

Talking about Steb: will you believe that boy pooped in his pajama's and some went on emma's bed I showered him right away and changed Emma's bed .

I am planning on buying a new kit from Vervaco. I got a discount from a mail order company. I want to stitch it for our brazilian friend who is going to have a baby girl in october !!! If someone has the chart and want to sell it to me (as I am planning on changing the fabric like always
) I will be happy to buy it !!!


Sally said...

You are making beautiful progress on this piece. I don't like backstitching much so try to go for designs that don't have a lot of none at all!

Hope your children are having a good first week back at school. My 12 year old goes back a week today and my 16 year old goes back the following Monday. I hope they don't have too much homework the first week!

Carla said...

Asi que te aburres en la casa de tu mamá!! mmmm... bueno a veces eso pasa lol
Los angeles te estan quedando muy lindos y el diseño que has elegico para el bebe de tu amiga es lindo, nunca lo habia visto antes

Dawn T. said...

Your angels look great!!

Anonymous said...

j'adore la petite souris, les teintes sont comme j'aime ! bravo et merci de ton passage sur mon blog !