Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Blue as the ocean?

Yes, I'm still trying to be creative and find some smart tittles with blue in it ... -All ideas welcome !!! - Well, back to stitching: I focused on the bottom yesterday: I stitched what was needed over there in order to do the backstitch. See my nice backstitch? Sometimes I reallly feel you don't see anything unless you click to enlarge ... I even wonder if it's not too boring for you guys to see blue and blue everyday ... (that is : if you come everyday ) Anyway, you may see some pink coming from under the long dress? That's because I have started the flower garland !!! Yep, like a coward, I am giving up on blue as soon as possible ( I am only ashamed as a matter of form ... ) I talked to Lourdes yesterday: she's so nice, I'm really happy I am stitching tis piece for her !!! This is actually the first I am stitching something to someone and make sure that person is really going to get her gift !!! (not like that birth record I stitched for my niece four years ago ... You know the one you can see in my photo album ... )

You will be pleased to know we are leaving pottyland slowly! Yeah right, this morning we headed off to the mall in quest for a winter jacket for Emma. So I decided today was THE day to have Esteban free from Pull-ups I just brought 2 sets of change for him (just in case ) and a towel for his car seat and stroller as well. As you may remember I don't ask him anymore if he wants to go potty. So we did our shopping, got Emma her jacket (very nice, very pink inside) and 3 pants for Pierre for back to school! (Pierre needs clean pants everyday as he comes back everyday with green knees - he plays soccer everyday at recess. They go to a private school that was a former seminary with a huge lawn: great for soccer, bad for laundry ) At the end, I asked Esteban: "do you want potty? " "NO!" Okay, back to the car : "do you want potty?" (Who says I'm afraid for my car? )"NO!" replied the big bladder boy. Well, as a good cook and mother that I am, I decided to pick up lunch in a fast food restaurant So I prepare ... the table () and ask him if he wants to go : nope, "good" food first! Then I sat him on the potty because it is not human to stay that long without going potty I'm really happy it is going so good after those weeks when I thought we were going nowhere !!! and I love saving on this expensive diapers: more money for our next year trip.


Dawn T. said...

I had to laugh at Pierre's green knees. My son does the same thing! I'm so happy for Esteban! And yes the savings on diapers is awesome:)

Unknown said...

LOl Pierre sounds like a happy little boy playing soccer everyday. I'm glad the potty training is going so well. I'm even thrilled to have my 2 year old off pull ups and she is doing wonderful especially on outings.

Carla said...

yay!! felicitaciones a Esteban!!

Brisa de Amor said...

Esta quedando maravilloso, sigo viendo el paso a paso de tu trabajo... cuanta paciencia y que vista ...por Dios!