Sunday, August 12, 2007

Back to blue

I'm glad I stitched the flowers because it gave a little boost to go back to the needlepoint! The flowers were stitched very fast but it was a most needed break. As you can see I made a lot of progress on the dress: I did the backstitch on the right, I stitch all the white on the right and I'm now working on the left. I probably stitched 2/3 of her dress. Thanks for your comments on that piece It helps when you feel like giving up ... It's going to look stunning (I think) when I would have stitched the little boy's head There is also a lot of half points on the boy's outfit. If you click on the picture, you will see better the details.

I want to finish it by september 14 th when Chuy's family will come (for 3 days Will you come such a long way for only T H R E E days ? ) I want to give angel kisses to my sister in law so she can give directly to my other sister in law in Texas (I have only one brothers but I have 16 brothers and sisters in law And it's been a while since I counted the numbers of cousins my kids have - we are probably over 24 cousins. I have only 2 cousins I think it's pretty neat for my kids to have family members in 3 differents countries, in 2 continents. )

We have a happy dance here: not the kind the stitchers love but for us, it's a great happy dance !!! Esteban is doing really good in Pottyland He now asks and yesterday, he even did number two in it I LOVE POTTYLAND (remember when I wanted to leave Pottyland? ) My boy is toooooooo cute: I told him this morning: "your new shoes are really nice" and he replied: "thank you!"


Anonymous said...

You're doing a great job. Dimensions kits are hard to work with aren't they. Lots of half stitches and different numbers of strands. I think you've done really well so far. Don't give up yet. I want to see the little boy too.

Anonymous said...

je n'ai pas réussi à te laisser un commentaire ce matin... j'aime beaucoup la guirlande de fleurs ! tu seras ravie du résultat quand l'ouvrage sera fini, il est vraiment très beau !

Carla said...

muy buen progreso!! ya casi terminas el primer angel :)
Felicitaciones a Esteban, parece que muy pronto dejara los pañales :)

stitcherw said...

Your Angel is looking great, the flowers really add a lot of color. She'll be gorgeous when done. Congrats to Esteban for doing so well, that must be so nice for you.