Saturday, August 11, 2007


I'm not a country girl, never was, never will be but I do accept to go there once in a while So that's what we did yesterday. My father is a WWII collector and he owns a Jeep. Like he doesn't have enough room in his basement, it keeps it one hour from here in the Norman countryside. Pierre and Emma were very excited about riding in the Jeep. We ate in a field (share the meal with some bugs ) , went around some WWII famous places and had a g
reat day. Here are
some pics
of the

PS: I always wonder what people can do in the countryside? Don't they get bored after a while? I mean there is nothing to do: you see fields everywhere ... I need stores, I need to see people, I need to see the sea I did appreciate to hear the birds and only the birds but I can't imagine the loniness in winter ... I'll get so depressed there ...


Carla said...

que lindas ve que tus niños disfrutaron el día en el campo :)
you soy como tu, no me gusta el campo...un día normal pero vivir ahi me parece un poco aburrido

Anonymous said...

superbe paysage, tu m'as donné envie, moi j'adore la campagne ! la jachère fleurie est magnifique, et le dernier paysage ressemble fortement à un kit vervaco que j'ai acquis dernièrement, tu me donnes envie de le commencer, humhum (oui je vois des croix partout!!!!!!!!!lol)
sais pas si tu as fait quelque chose à ton code mais ya moins de lettres à taper :)))))

Anonymous said...

In the countryside you can always stitch! As long as I have a fast internet connection, UPS deliveries from and ONSes, and a nice grocery store not too far away, I'd rather be in the quiet countryside than in the noisy, crowded, busy city.

Dawn T. said...

The pictures of the kids in the flowers are beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Les photos de tes enfants dans les fleurs sont superbes, ta fille est très jolie.