Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Up for grab !

Last time when Chuy came back from the post office, he brought me stamps (to pay the bills ) Those stamps where differents from the ones we usually get: it is a serie of Harry Potter stamps created by the french post office ! There is only one design but I thought it could interest some of the Harry Potter fans out there!!! So I'm giving away 3 stamps to 3 persons who are interested!!! (1 for each person) Just drop your email and I'll contact you. Of course, this offer is for international readers as french people can get them in their own post office


Missy said...

Oh, Chiloe, I would love a chance at a stamp. I am trying to collect the books in hardcover / first edition format and put them away for Connor.

Is there something I can send you in return? I am going back to the mainland in the next few days, so just let me know!

mhighfill at

: )

Anonymous said...

Hi Chloe I,m from New Zealand and love your blog. I would love a set of Harry Potter stamps. I could send cross stitch charts in return.
Best wishes Debbie