Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh boy !

No better tittle than that one because I started the little boy's head !!! I got too bored with the blue ... So it is really nice to stitch some other colors !!! I liked the little girl's head the way it was but there are 2 angels on that design Frankly, if I hadn't a dateline (see the ticker) I will give up on that one: too many blue, too many temptations (see my stash on my photo album ... ) We'll see if I can do it ...

Last night when I went to bed, I was surprised nobody wanted the stamps ... so it was nice, this morning, to see Missy and Debbie want one. I even thought last night that these stamps will be used for bills! I don't want anything in return: I have everything a stitcher can wish for (and maybe even a little too much stash ... ) I'll email you soon.

Well, maybe, I was a little too optomistic about potty training. Yesterday efternoon, we went to visit Isabel, our spanish-australian friend. So Esteban went free and he did pee twice ! He didn't even stop, didn't call me ... This morning, we went shopping for school supplies and here I was with my bag of 2 full sets of clothes (just in case - very useful yesterday ) Well, he didn't pee at all: at one moment, he said: "mommy peepee! " I took him to the restroom (very rare in french malls and supermarkets! I actually had to leave the supermarket to find the toilet in the mall ...) He didn't want to do and hold it until after lunch Oh! and I forget to mention, he didn't pee in his diaper last night! I hope it was just an accident yesterday ... This boy is driving me crazy !

By the way, I still have a Harry Potter stamp ! Does someone want it before it end up to pay my electric bill? (Cathy , you got the last one- just give me your e mail!!!)


Cathy said...

Evie will still have accidents every now and then, especially if she is engrossed in what she is doing. Sometimes she just forgets, I guess. Hang in there!
If no one else wants them, I'd love the last set of stamps!

Velda said...

Oh this angel is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! I love love love angels :)

Anonymous said...

I love to see your angels grow. I am back from my holiday now so I´ll be visiting you more frequently now. :-)

Helena said...

"N�o deixe que seus sonhos passem!
Viva-os hoje e sempre!
Eles podem se desfazer no tempo,
eles podem voar com o vento!
Eles podem pegar nas m�os de outra pessoa,
que lhe deu maior import�ncia,
ou nas m�os de quem acreditou!"

sugardoll said...

Hi Chiloe,

Your angel wip is so adorable. Very sweet face. =)

I am in several fabric of the month, silkweaver, sugar maple fabrics, and enchanted fabrics. I love all of what i received, but it's probably SMF that is my most favorite, since Mindy does very creative airbrush and hand painting. Have a lovely day!


Marita said...

Hang in there with your blue angels, is tough sometimes to keep the movtivation happening.

My 3.5 yo nephew was over yesterday, his mum has been trying to potty train him for almost a year now. So frustrating because he will pee in the toilet but still poops in his underpants. I was cruel Aunty 'rita and put his poo soiled clothing in the rubbish bin - no way am I washing that. He was most upset to loose his fav. Ninja Turtle underpants.