Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Couldn't find a tittle today .... Nobody helped me out with that one so I came up with a lousy tittle I finished the flowers at the bottom: I now have to go back to the blue area of the dress. I am not going stay too long at the bottom of her dress: I am going to go straight to the little's boy head !!! I can't resist anymore

I'm thinking on using my dusty green fabric from the FOTM by silkweaver for the Lavender and lace chart: Oh christmas tree. I'd like to know if someone has ever stitched a christmas tree on a light green fabric? I tried to check on the internet but I didn't find any picture... If someone has a link: let me know !!!! Thanks!

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Carla said...

lindos los colores de las flores.
Prueba en este link para lo del arbol...tal vez te sirva