Friday, August 3, 2007

Beautiful day

Yesterday, I did finish her hair, I've already started her dress and I stitched some blue on her left wing. Some of you think I stitch very fast; actually that's the pattern that makes you think that way You see, for that particular design, it's a little bit like a Lanarte chart: it's very clear and for now has few color changes. I even added the white I was telling you about yesterday. You can't really tell on the scan. Now I'm feeling like I'm adding half stitches to help creating artistic effects On that piece, the backstitches are really going to be very important. Soon I will be able to do it on her neck and on the top of her dress.

The mail carrier brought a nice envelope today: the
kind stash lover adores : a new kit !!! I bought No vacancy by Lanarte on ebay. I just couldn't resist the hand dye fabric which make all the difference on that pattern. I don't know when I'll stitch it but like all the Lanarte's fans, I won't resist too long My stash is growing bur I don't mind as I still like most of the patterns I got some years ago


Rachel S-H said...

Very beautiful work!

Dawn T. said...

She's beautiful!

Anonymous said...

QUOI !!! mais comment donc ! qu'est-ce que ce nouveau kit ! un nouvel achat ? ^^

Anonymous said...

I love this new kit ! I'm sure it will be wonderful once you'll have stitched it !
A bientôt