Sunday, August 5, 2007

Google reader : need HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I signed up for google reader yesterday. I wanted to get one to help me follow the blog I read. I checked google reader on Little cat blog and I thought it was great.I entered the name of the blogs I read and I checked this evening. I thought the blog that have been updated will appear automatically but not. There is only the list I entered with the post they had. The one that have been updated don't show up. I have to click on each one to find out which one have been updated ... So where is the help? I'm spending as much time as before checking each one .

Do I need to do something special so that they can appear in the order they are updated ? I'm very disappointed. I read a lot of nice things about google reader, bloglines and friends ....

Who can help me ?


Missy said...

Hi Chiloe

I use google reader also. Sometimes I notice that it takes a while for posts to update, some even as much as a day. I have a lot of blogs on my reader, so I don't notice it when it takes a while. Plus, there are some blogs that never show an update for some reason. Maybe just wait a while and see if there is an update later?

Love the pictures of the kids at the beach. Esteban is so cute in his little sunglasses!

: )

Anonymous said...

"There is only the list I entered with the post they had."

I think your problem is that you have marked each POST and not each BLOG. You need to make sure that the reader is tracking a BLOG like and not an individual post in the blog like

Yes, it can take a while to show a post. I always click on the link to the post and rarely read a post directly from the reader.

Anonymous said...

je peux pas te dire, j'y comprends rien non plus...
tu peux pas réduire le code de vérification des commentaires ? c'est hyper long à taper!

Anonymous said...

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