Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Well, well, well

What to say about today ... ? No cross ttich yet (I'll start right after this message ) I don't think I'll have time to stitch in that school . Too many things to prepare , too many exercice to check ...
You my wonder if today was better than yesterday at school! Well, barely... The kid, who is a problem: (let's call him F) was still very high today ... At what point, he menaced me to leave the school and it packed his school bag. Thanks god, he just packed but stayed in the classroom . They are 29 but they drained all my energy. And yet, I try to be very very calm, I try to not scream too much, I also make an effort to talk with them about the situation in their classroom. I even surprise myself to be that calm in front of almost 29 brats :)) (some are nice but with a group like that it is hard to stay a quiet kid) Waow, I'm glad I'll stay there only 10 more days ;) (yes, I am counting the days to get out of here :)) One co-worker said about the teacher I am substituting for: she should stay at home until the end of the school year ! Oh no ! she can stop but not until the find me another school :)) lol I don't want them for such a long time :)) lol I am not crasy ;)

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