Saturday, March 3, 2007

Royal Paris is a great company !!!

Yesterday was a good day: I got my threads from the company!!!! YEAH !!!!!!! I stitched the letter "G" and did the backstitch on it. (if not, we barely see the letter as the yellows are very soft. I am back on the efelant now... I won't say I'm very happy about it but it has to be done ... anyway...

Yesterday, at the school, I did the music rehearsal with a group of kids for the school musical. That's the school director who chose that project so the teachers are not very happy about doing it! It's an adult musical who has barely been adapted for kids. I was supposed to join another teacher for the rehearsal but she told me to go to my classroom. So I did, a little lost about what I was supposed to do. I did not know the song or the story of the musical... I did my best ... what else can I do anyway ???

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