Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Lumpy has almost a complete head !!!

Here comes the little guy: his head is almost fully completed. I finished late last night (around midnight ... not very wise when you wake up early (6.40) ...) I was almost short with one thread but fortunately I had enough... If not, I would have had a write to the lady again ... I did some cross stitch at school (mainly back stitch) Tonight I expect to do the second ear and his "hair"
I got my last kit fro Colray-crafts and a kit I bought from ebay USA. American ladies who read me, explain me how this guy was able to send me the kit (a petite gold collection ) to France for only 27 cents???? If I remember well when I lived in the US the first class stamp was close to that price ! And it was send priority airmail! How is it possible (Me , I paid him 6 $ for the shipping .... do the maths :(

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Unknown said...

The American stamp is 39 cents and for me to send a kit like that would be almost 3 or 4 USD so how he did it for 27 cents I have no idea though I would think about asking for my other shipping money back or leave on his comments that he over charges on shipping prices....

yay Lumpy is almost complete! :o)