Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Sunny day !

Today it is a sunny day. We woke up at almost 9.oo am which is very unusual for us. We were kind of late for emma's drawing class but she made it on time ;) (it's at 9.30 am) Pierre followed at 10.30. At almost noon, Emma told me: "remember, this afternoon, I have the carnaval with my music class, I have to have a costume! " Oh! Oh! that's when I realized it was this MORNING instead of the regular scheduled afternnon class... Well, she missed it ... She got her violin class in the afternoon ...
I will finish working in my current school on friday. After that, I don't know where I'll go ... I called the lady in charge and she told they have nothing planned (no maternity leave - at least, nothing I could get :(( ) so that means, I'll have to wait next to the phone on tha monday after the vacations. I hate that ... You can not prepare anything, you usually arrive at lunch time. It's not a nice feeling.
Well, I'm still working on the calendar bear. I haven't decided which one is going to be my next project. I'll have 2 days next week where I'll be on vacaton and the kids at school !!! I'll have free time to stitch!!!

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