Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Long day ...

Today was a long day. We had the meeting for F. It was decided that when the teacher will come back, he will go to another classroom. The meeting finished at 7.00 pm and I arrived at my parents'house at 7.30 to end up here at 8.00 pm. Chuy is working in the afternnon shift. Esteban still has temperature. I may take him to the doctor tomorrow.
Now, back to stitching !!! yeah !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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caritomenvi said...

Por fin pude ver tu blog; gracias por visitar el mío.
Me encanta el abecedario de Winnie Pooh, y es bastante grande.
Te rinde bastante el bordar, qué buena cosa.
Espero que tu hijito se mejore pronto
Un saludo