Friday, March 23, 2007

Stitching at last !

I did some cross stitch after several without. How nice it is to be able to stitch a little bit. As you can see I'm stitchinh another bear: it is the december bear. That's fine because the weather is cold anyway: it is close to a december weather.
I did change the fabric on the kit. I chose a 28 count white monaco that I brought back from Texas. I prefer 32 count but those were cheap (only 4.16$ a piece for a 20X24 ) I brought quite a few ;)
I think I'm going to stitch my calendar bear. That way, I have time to think about my next project. Chuy would like I make the Virgen of Guadalupe from design Work for his siter. I'll see. So many projects ... Vacations are coming: french kids will get 2 weeks on march 30 th !!! YEAH !!!! ;)

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