Saturday, March 10, 2007

Still in the green world ...

I am still working on the green under Lumpy. I hope to finish the green today so I can start the finishing process.
I am feeling down today. I got my review today with the director and some parents complained about me. That was the most difficult class I ever had and they were hard to control. The woman who complained is the president of the parents association. She said her boy was not feeling well in the classroom (the same boy who was laughing and not listening this morning .... ) The director told me kids have changed since the eighties! Me I think it is the parents who changed, not the kids ... Anyway, on monday, I go for 3 weeks to substitute for a teacher who is taking a break from her class because 7 or 8 kids are too difficult ... Especially one who is really bad . Who is going to have fun? :((

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