Saturday, March 17, 2007

Last night ...

So last night I stitched the bee. As I was not going to show only the bee (too small) I decided to show you all the letters from A to E with the backstitch . Eventually, you'll see a little bit the bee above the A . I am working on the letter N (my last letter in that project) I can't show you a pic as it is stitched with a very pale yellow. (nothing to see again) If I was not working, it would be already finished ... Only 2 people tried to guess when I started this project. I'll let you when I'm done so feel free to leave your guesses !!!


I'm already thinking about my next project but I don't know what to do yet. I want something that I can stitch faster than that one. Don't worry, I'm like all of you : I have a huge stash to choose from ....


Today, we went to do some shopping. We got a bike for Pierre. His bike was too small. One sport store organize a used stuff sale each year . People bring in their old bikes or sport items and if someone buy their stuffs, they get store credits. Pierre got a yellow bike for 30 Euros. It is in good shape with only the brakes to check. Kids grow fast, we are happy with that bike.

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