Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great news !!!

No I did not win the lottery and can stop working (unfortunately :)) but I am officially done !!! YEAH !!!! It's a happy dance in here !!! So what next? Good question. I spent a lot of time on that one and I don't know yet what to do ... I have some WIP, a lot of stash, more stash I want to buy ... This is a endless story !
Answer to my 2 contestants: it took me 7 months to complete. I started on august 5th and finish it today on march 18th.


Carla said...

woohoo!!! Happy Dancing with you :) !!!
Congrats!!!...a very pretty design...I love WTP characters :)
Can't wait to see what will you stitch next

AngelSan said...

Let's danceeeee !!!! Super... It's gorgeous. I didn't see we had to guess how long you stitched it for, I'm thick sometimes... But 7 months, it sounds about right for a working mom !!!
I would have given up before that... ;)

Barb Briggs said...

I love it. I have really enjoyed watching your progress. Great work and I just love Lumpy!


Anonymous said...

Its beautiful you must be so pleased to have finished it and excited to be looking for something new to start (maybe something smaller and with a little less purple!!)
Hope all is going well at school this week and that the pupils behaving nicely for you.

Anonymous said...

What's next?....hmm let me think.....Packed that in a bag and send to took only 7 months?? I would have taken like 3yrs.

Anonymous said...

Tu as fini! Super :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Ann.