Sunday, March 18, 2007

Great news !!!

No I did not win the lottery and can stop working (unfortunately :)) but I am officially done !!! YEAH !!!! It's a happy dance in here !!! So what next? Good question. I spent a lot of time on that one and I don't know yet what to do ... I have some WIP, a lot of stash, more stash I want to buy ... This is a endless story !
Answer to my 2 contestants: it took me 7 months to complete. I started on august 5th and finish it today on march 18th.


Carla said...

woohoo!!! Happy Dancing with you :) !!!
Congrats!!!...a very pretty design...I love WTP characters :)
Can't wait to see what will you stitch next

AngelSan said...

Let's danceeeee !!!! Super... It's gorgeous. I didn't see we had to guess how long you stitched it for, I'm thick sometimes... But 7 months, it sounds about right for a working mom !!!
I would have given up before that... ;)

Anonymous said...

Its beautiful you must be so pleased to have finished it and excited to be looking for something new to start (maybe something smaller and with a little less purple!!)
Hope all is going well at school this week and that the pupils behaving nicely for you.

Anonymous said...

What's next?....hmm let me think.....Packed that in a bag and send to took only 7 months?? I would have taken like 3yrs.

Anonymous said...

Tu as fini! Super :-)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Ann.