Sunday, March 18, 2007


You can still guess when I started this project. There is nothing to win but it can be fun ... ;)
Yesteday, at least 7 people visited the blog at the same time but I didn't get a single comment .... Last time, I went around visiting some blog and a lady got 35 comments just by putting a picture of a flower ... (not even from her garden ... lol)


AngelSan said...

35 comments, that's a lot, even I don't get that many ;) There are many things to consider: if the lady has an old blog (ie long time exposure), participate a lot in exchanges, RRs and charities (ie knows a lot of other stitchers), then she would have loads of comments from people who know her more or less.

On blogs, if you only have 1% of your visitors commenting, you're in the zone !

Not to mention that you are showing parts of the same project since the beginning, so people feel they would say the same "well done" as they did onthe previous post, so they don't bother (I get that too, so I try to post minimal amount of progress pics, so I sometimes have long periods without posts if I don't stitch much ;)

Don't worry about comments, with time they will come as regular non commenting visitors build their strengh to finally coment... ;)

Anonymous said...

I am watching your blog with much interest as Lumpy and Friends are to be my next project, at the moment I am working on Joan Elliots Renaissance Lady from CrossStitcher 184 and hope to finish her soon. I look forward to seeing what your next project will be.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I don't think I get at least 1% of comments from my visitors. The visitors do come. SInce I got the new counter in febuary I got almost 1000 visitors. But I'm human. Like everybody, I appreciate a little commetns once in a while. It makes my day as my life is sometimes tough and not easy at all ... (too much worries about the future )

Thanks for adding a comment ;)

Anonymous said...

I'll make a point to comment once every 2 weeks. ;-)

Oh I do envy people getting alot of comments...but I'm all right if I don't get comments too as I know who came and read my posts.