Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Calendar bear

This is Calendar Bear from Design Work. I had started that one before the Winie. The project was to stitch one bear each month. Yeah right... I stitched 2 months , fell in love with another bear and cheated on these one ! lol I think I'm going to go back on that one. Like that I have time to think on my next project. Maybe a some Bunny too love; don't ask me why, I love those bunnies. I like the one with yellow rain jacket . Sometimes I have a problem with the fabric as i stitch only on evenweave. I'm afraid of cutting the right size so I prefer pre-cut ones but it's hard to find small sizes.
For the Calendar bear, I'm changing the design a little bit. Around each bear, there are some details about each month: fireworks for july, a glass of juice for august. I don't stitch those as they make the design too heavy. You can see a hot dog on the july bear: I'm going frog it soon ;)
School is still hard but my co-workers are nice. They took 2 kids in their classroom. The class is nicer that way. ;)

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