Monday, March 26, 2007

Hard day ...

Today was not an easy day at school. F, the very difficult kid , didn't want to do sport today so I told him: You play with us or you go to someone else classroom. He didn't want to go and he started saying: "I'm going to kill myself, I'm going to commit suicide ! " and he started to throw himself against the outside walls, against the outside windows.... I never experienced such a thing ... I sent a kid to get another teacher and she talked to him while I managed the others kids. That kid is in such suffering... I think he needs outside help ... Tomorrow evening, we have a school meeting to talk about the difficult cases in the school, and about F. of course.
Well, I stitched a little bit last night: here is my progress. Tonight, I'm going to stitch to relax: I DO NEED IT !!!

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Carla said...

Que difícil debe ser manejar una sitación como esa...espero lo puedan ayudar porque algun problema de fondo debe tener para comportarse asi

tu osito esta quedando lindo!