Thursday, February 15, 2007

What's that?

This is what I stitched last night. I did the backstitch because I don't want to have too much left at the end...

Thanks for the one who wrote a comments !!! You make my blog ALIVE !!!

I am thinking about renewing my subscription to the Stoney Creek magazine. Until the past december, I used to get it to my home in France. I am now thinking about renewing my subscription and have it ship to my sister in law in Texas. She will then ship them to me when she will have 3 or 4 issues. It is a way to save money as it is very expensive to have it shipped to Europe.

This afternoon we are going to meet an english friend I met while teaching in a school in january. She may lend me english books for my kids.

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Dawn T. said...

It's a great start! :)