Friday, February 23, 2007


You can see two of my kits I got from my order from Those two kits came faster than I thought. I read comments on some forums that you have to wait a lot to get your ordr from them. I am still missing my dream keeper from Bucilla. The lady of Guadalupe is for my sister in law Maria in Mexico. I am not too fond of religious design but she deserves it as she dedicates her life to her sick father. This kit is design by Joan Elliott so it is beautifully made. It has beads and mettallic threads. I haven't have stitched with beads yet... The kit baseball bunnies was on sale so I bought it to stitch either for a baby or for Esteban's room. We'll see... Both kits are from Design Works. I got the Gardening Chest (Sunset) from the french ebay. I have wanted this kit for a long time but never bought it in Texas. It was cheap so I didn't hesitate !!!

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Anonymous said...

The bunnies is so cute and love the Gardening Chest.....Ahh so many charts and only 2 hands to stitch. Need to clone myself.

Have a great weekend.