Monday, February 12, 2007

More letters !

I got more letters done yesterday. I'm currently working on the letter A. I'm hoping to finish the pattern during the vacations (they finish on febuary 26 th) I don't know if it' s possible but I'll do my best. Yes, I know, I haven't done the backstitch around the letters. (yet...)
This morning I went to buy a bread machine !!! Something I wanted for a long time. I love bread (well ! I'm french :) ) I cannot live without fresh bread as my mexican husband cannot live without tortillas (even though he has to here :))
Now it is raining outside. The hot water came back and hoppefully the heater is fix as well. It brokedown during the night and I was wearing my scarf in the appartment this morning... Now I'll go on to wash my hair and stitch until I'll get the kids from school and the day care center.


Unknown said...

I have a bread machine too and I love it. I love the smell of fresh bread baking and the taste of it hot out of the machine. :o) Why don't you make tortillas for him? I lived in El Paso for 13 years. (its 30 minutes from Mexico) and I learned to make fresh tortillas. :o) I love to make enchilladas with them. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

hi heidi,

I don't have the mais flour he needs to have mais tortilla. Our niece live in a base in Stuggart and she brought some last year.but we don't have anymore... And you know they make tortillas without measuring anything. Me, I need measures to get it right :))

Have you got your kit?