Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Guilt free day !

Here am I with my stitching pregress. I stitched this afternoon until it was time to pick up the kids at school. They also called to start a new school, after the vacation, in febuary 26 th. First grade again in hte same school I just left. My co worker is going to have surgery and have to rest for two weeks. So I can enjoy three weeks of vacation and stitch as much as I want. Nothing to prepare for school. I'll go to meet friends I don't have time to see ohterwise.

For those who wonder what kit I am stitching; it is "Winnie and Lumpy" from Royal Paris.

I love having my neo counter on the right. It shows where people come from to visit the blog. People from China came to read my blog. Do they stitch in China? Probably ... That would be nice if people will leave a message .

I am going to go back to stitch while watching CSI New York.


AngelSan said...

I love Roo !!!!
But that project is massive ! Will we ever see the end? Yesssss !

WOCS and CS are very good these days, it's worth reading them every month ;)

People stitch in China, I had my ex future step sister bringing me kits from there... They have Pinn and similar patterns. And it's very cheap !

Chiloe said...

Do you know any blog or chinese galleries we could visit?

You should see what I stitched tonight to see that I really make good progress. I don't mean it is almost finish (even though I'd like to believe it :)) Let's say, I made 80% of it. Eyeore is a big piece but wait for me ahead too. My next project should be SMALL !!!