Saturday, February 17, 2007

More previous WIP

Here is a picture of my Maya and Incas cultures from Lanarte. I like the finished picture on the kit but I am a little bit disappointed with the fabric. It lets show the fabric through the stitched and I don't like that. That's the reason why I only stitch on 32 ct evenweave. I do need to finish it someday as I bought it to celebrate the latin roots of my children.

By the way, I saw that today, someone from MEXICO (Chiapas) came to visit the blog. Hola a todos los latinos que vienen a visitarme. Mi esposo viene del estado de Zacatecas !!! Pueden dejar un mensaje en espanol si quieran !!!

This is another Royal Paris kit I started a while ago. It went fine until I had to stitch the trees on the back. The finished picture looks very nice but I don't like browns... I am stitching this one on 28 count whilte Monaco. (another fabric I had to change!!!) Oh! I did not tell you I've planned to stitch it for my nephew's birth. I was born on febuary... 2005 ! Well, now, I guess he can wait a little more !!! lol

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