Saturday, February 24, 2007

Stash again?

That's the best stash ever. Look at what I got in my mailbox this morning. What's that from England! I thought it may be my last kit from colray-crafts. When I got it open I thought: " oh no! there is a mistake, I never ordered that kit" Then I realized it is actually a gift for my subscription to the World of cross stitching :o It was written on the website that the gift is only for english subscriber !!! So I am very happy to get it. I don't think I will buy Me to you kits as they are a little bit expensive :) Now with all the kits I own (and the leaflets ) [ of course, you haven't seen all I own ... ] I really need to convince my husband that stitching can also be a man hobby :)) And that's another story :)) ;)

The best stash ever is the one I get for free :))

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