Sunday, February 18, 2007

Bad news

Well I checked my cross stitch and I had actually miscounted. I was short by one row and I couldn't figure out how to fix the problem without taking everything out. I saved the lower part, close to the tail but I have to undo the upper part. And I am still working on it. It does take a long time to stitch it but it probably takes more time to undo it ... I always said that hospital teach you patience but stitching too :)) I'll post a picture tomorrow.

Pierre is sick. He has 104 F (or 40 C depending on where you live in the world) He has a headache and he's cold. I think he may have the flu but we'll take an appointment to the doctor tomorrow. Even though he seems fine, we always worry for him. Tonight I tried to give him a fever medecine. I mix it with fruit juice but there're always some tiny part of the powder that stay in the bottom of the glass. Yesterday, he almost made himself throw out and tonight he DID ... :( So I ended up giving him the child liquid form of the medecine !!! Imagine how much fun we had when we were giving him his medecine for his treatment for his leukemia...

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Anonymous said...

C'est la grippe?
Bon rétablissement à Pierre.