Tuesday, February 13, 2007

No picture !

Hi there,

Yes it is true: no picture today. It doesn't mean I haven't been stitching, it's just that I stitched the letter A, a butterfly next to the letter B and I started the grass under Eeyore with a flower on it. It will be hard to scan those details as they are not close to each others.

Today, I found the Royal Paris' phone number on the internet. I called them but the lady told me to write to the adress written on the kit. I asked her if it was possible to send an e-mail instead and I should receive my missing thread in a week or so... Great !!!

In the morning, enjoying my last hours of freedom (lol) I went to a fabric store that sell a few kits, mainly DMC and Vervaco. I saw the new Somebunny to love kit (the one with the bunny with a raincoat). I love the somebunny to love kits. But it costs 21 euros for a small kit with aida (I will change like always) and five threads. I don't think it is worth the money... :(

Kids are officially on vacation !

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AngelSan said...

DMC kits seems to be double the price than in the UK. You might want to try websites like sew discounted or Sew and So for Somebunny to love !