Wednesday, February 21, 2007

A little progress

I stitched a little bit last night. Yesterday afternoon, we went to visit Isabel, our australian - spanish born friend. It was nice to see her again. I speak english to her and I asked her to speak spanish to Emma and Esteban and english to Pierre (that's what Chuy does at home) but it was hard for her as she's trying to improve her french :)
I don't think I willl be able to finish that piece on sunday as we are going to be busy today too. Esteban is going to have one immunisation this morning at the pediatrian and we go to a birthday party in the afternoon. My friend's daughter, Saskia, just turned 3 years old. Esteban is not going to take a nap again. It didn't nap yesterday, he only took a cat nap in my arms...
I called the teacher I am going to substitute for next monday and she told me she prepared everything. I hope it is true as the last one I substituted for was not very organised :))


Jessica said...

Great work. I stumbled upon your blog through Bloglines Image Wall. I used to be an avid x-stitcher and I love looking at other people's work.

Maybe I should pick it up again someday soon. :)

Anonymous said...

bon remplacement ;-)

Tu as plus de visites depuis que je t'ai mis en lien sur mon blog?