Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Still no comments ...

It seems a lot of people come to the blog but nobody leaves a comment... I am wondering why. I created this blog mainly to share my passion with others stitchers all over the world and make contacts.

So don't be shy !!! I don't bite :))


AngelSan said...

I usually have time for a quick visit to blogs... busy busy ! So I'm not the best commenter in the world, far from it.

Looks like you specialise in very big projects, they are so great, I would loose patience about 1/4 orf the way !

For the smiley picture, check the html code of the picture, and remove the heigh and width definition, the real size will appear.

For DMC, apparently Sew and So os a bit more expensive than Sew discounted and the Black Sheep that I can only recommend as I used the 3 of them.

DMC threads are also cheaper in the UK....

Anonymous said...

Zohrah is guilty as charge as well....:-)

I saw your comments on Chiara site on Computer Wizard....why not join us as we have not make much progress on the first start anyway. I'm sure we would be happy to have you too.

Have a great weekend!!