Tuesday, February 20, 2007

At last ...

Yeah ! A little progress !!! If you are like my daughter Emma and wonder what is the blue color above, it is the top of Lumpy's feet. I know it is hard to imagine as you don't have the finished picture in front of you. So you just have to trust me :)) It's nice to see the work moving forward instead of backward :) Remember: I hope to finish all the cross stitch before going back to work next monday... I know it is going hard to succeed but I'll try. I am still thinking about the wednesday SAL for the Alma Lynn chart : computer wizard. I still need to find the right fabric. It is EVENWEAVE or nothing :))

* * * * * *

Pierre is ok - pas de grippe ;) - Apparently, he's got a virus. VIRUS stands for unexplained fever and headache :)) Today, he seems fine even though he didn't want to eat his breakfast. What made feel ok also is that he just got a blood test to control his health. I always worry for him anyway... The doctor gave him a cough medecine and a nasal spray. Do you believe he made himself gag when I put the spray in his nose last night? :o I think I will end up giving him all the medecine in the toilet , just in case ;) lol

* * * * *

By the way, will you believe that yesterday, 10 people were connected on the blog at the same time (at 3.05 pm) I think it was 10 shy people :)) as I got no comments but I hope you do appreciate the blog shy people !!! :) Waow, I wish I would have seen that but I was too busy: cleaning? washing up the dishes? ironing? hum hum ... stitching? I am sure you can guess right ladies ;)


Anonymous said...

Hi My daughter loves Lumpy so I followed your link to the web site so that i could purchase the alphabet, not speaking french this was an interesting undertaking but I appear to have been successful i will now wait and see if it arrives!

Dawn T. said...

Great progress!