Thursday, January 1, 2009

First day of 2009

First picture of 2009. Yes, my kids again The picture is a little blurred but it is so hard to have one where Steb is actually looking at the camera AND smilling ! Pierre doesn't look his best but when you have more than two kids, it's hard to have everybody looking their best on one picture !!!

This is one of the picture I took that will show you how hard it is to take pictures of that boy (no he's not tired: he's just trying to escape the camera ... ) :

His wife could thank me for taking so many pictures of him because a lot of parents would have given up already !!!

The picture was taking at my grand'ma's place today. She's 87 years old and we don't have a special bond ... She's always have a good word to make people confortable like during the lunch: " I take my pictures because I know I won't see you until next year !" Remember: she's the one who made me exchange the orchids last christmas I wonder how many people exchange flowers every year ... Last year, I was one of them By the way, she loved this year orchid ( lucky us !!! BUT we made sure we got one with funky colors !!! )

Our new year eve was pretty quiet: dinner at my mom's, home by 11 pm, put the kids in bed and Chuy started to make lots of phone calls in the US. Thanks to our internet connection, we can call 72 countries for free (of course, Mexico is still not included Who cares to be able to call China if you can't call the country where you have family members ??? ). He called his brother in Fort Worth,TX,his nephews in Seatle, his school friends in California!!! It's funny how we are invited everywhere: we just need to win the lotery !!! Chuy had a lot of fun making these phone calls but like always, he's always the one who calls ... I'm not happy about it and feel bad for him.

Google still loves to celebrate everything will a little picture:
Wanna see some fuchsias? Here they are (well, they will actually be two only at the end of the stitching ...)

Thanks for your best wishes for 2009 ! I'm so too addicted to your comments ...

PS: we're "watching" the Will Ferrell movie: my man doesn't seem to enjoy it either (but like I told him! Will Ferrell doesn't have any good movies; he was only good in Saturday night live where he played for only three minutes at a time ... and that was good for most people ) My last word for the night spells in 6 letters : B O R I N G !!! Should I hope it is going to be funny at one point?
Edit: for those who don't know it yet: the Will Ferrell DVD is MY christmas gift !!!


tkdquintmom said...

The fushia is growing more beautiful with each stitch! It is hard to get a good picture with more than one kid in it, it's like trying to corral a herd of cats.

mainely stitching said...

Photographing kids is a serious challenge. Good for you! Great pics!

Jean said...

Isn't the little guy a little young to be MARRIED and have a WIFE?? ;) I have three kids too and considered it a major accomplishment to get a good shot of them together. Luckily, they all loved the camera! To this day it's a challenge to get the 5 of us all looking our best in a photo. The one year we did, I put it on a Christmas card so everyone could see how we would look in a good shot once every 10 years or so! I think photographers have magic.
Happy New Year
I am also addicted to people's comments!

Zhenya and Nika Aksutin said...

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Janice said...

Beautiful fuchsia! I love the colors! Very cute children! Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year!

Nancy said...

Happy New Year to you! You have very beautiful stitching. Cute kids too!

Leeland said...

Well, my kids hate it when I take pics and I'm a bad example for them as no one can take me either...
We'll be a quite-invisible family then... Lol!
Have a wonderful 2009, you and your loved ones.

Meari said...

What a lovely pic of the kiddos, Chiloe! :) Happy New Year!

Oh btw, be sure to check Monday's blog entry... for an update on the "new man". LOL

Srinity said...

Wow the Fuchsia looks great. Can't wait to see it finished. And your children look cute. :)

I almost fell on the floor laughing when I read what Chuy gave you for Christmas (sorry...), he is definitely one of a kind. :D I would recommend writing a letter to Santa next year and accidently leaving it for Chuy to see. :)

debijeanm said...

Beautiful children, beautiful fuchsia - all growing rapidly!

I thought Will Ferrell was hilarious in the SNL cheerleader sketches so couldn't wait to see him in a movie. The only movie of his I've enjoyed was ELF, and that one was saved more by the story than his acting. Too bad, too, because I think he's better than the scripts he's taking.

You have inspired me to finish AT LEAST ONE cross stitch this year so today I am choosing the piece to give my undivided attention. Will it be the winter bird? Or the fairy whose face I still fight? Or the Easter sampler that I haven't started yet? Or....?

Anneke said...

Wait for puberty to take pictures ;-) My 16-year old is very hard to catch...

When you put all your stitching of 2008 together, it's a lot!

Happy new year

Cathy said...

I'm not a big fan of Will Ferrell either, but he was HILARIOUS in Elf.

Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Will Ferral either. Hubby wont buy DVDs for me anymore unless I specifically mention something I want to get (like the Gilmore Girls).

Photographing children is so tricky if they don't want their picture taken.

Congratulations on the orchid success this year :)

Pumpkin said...

Great picture of the kids :o)