Friday, January 9, 2009

I'm mad !

I'm mad today: the neighbor's dog pooped in our entrance. As you can see in the picture if you scroll down, our two entrances are not seprated yet and that dog poop is in my side. We left the appatment complex where people never cleaned up after their dog and now, it's going to start again ... The guy just moved two days ago ! I'm going to give my rent this afternoon and I'm going to ask the landlord that he does something to seperate the two entrance! I'm soooooo mad !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today, I wanted to exercise but didn't want to weight train to give my muscles a break. I wanted to move so I took my old video: "bounce back after baby" by Denise Austin. I bought that one when Emma was a baby and did it maybe twice, or once ... You should have seen me: it was so funny. I was like a cow who was trying to imitate a horse !!! Denise is so cheerful. She told me things like: "I'm so proud of you !" Waow! I have barely started the video for 2 minutes and she's already proud of me !!! I loved the introduction: " no matter if you had your baby one month ago or two years ago " Well, I JUST have my baby three years and a half ago so I guess the video IS for me, right? So, Denise has a group of mothers with her who all seem to have adopted their babies because they look so great in those black tighs !!! And here start the music (and Denise!) . I don't know if we're going to loose baby fat but we are going to sweat !!! I was going left when I have to go right because those girls were going so fast !!!!! (of course, they were paid to do the video! Pay me and I'll go faster I may even smile !!!) I did finish the video: Denise was over the moon Right now, I'm fine but I'm not sure to be able to climb my stairs tomorrow

My daughter loves logic. She wants to take her violin to school to show the other kids. It's a small school and she already showed her violin last year so I said no. She replied: "yes, but there are new students !"

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Ranae said...

My Voodoo Boy chart come from Stitching Bits and Bobs. Is there a bad site??

I would be mad too.
Dogs never go there their own yard, if they can go in someone elses they will. Tell the guy he needs to pick it up NOW! lol

But in a nice way ;)

Anonymous said...

I would be so cranky with the neighbour too. How rude.

Your stitching is looking lovely, the way the colours gradually change is just amazing.

Carolyn NC said...

Hope you can solve your neighbor problem. Don't you love those exercise videos and they talk the whole time. Drives me crazy, but I do like the exercises. I need to be doing these! Love your daughter's logic. :)

Unknown said...

Il n'y a rien de pire qu'un voisin pour te pourrir ton quotidien. J'ai toujours eu beaucoup de "chance" et je suis toujours tombée sur des gros blaireaux. J'espère que le proprio mettra une barrière très vite.

Stitchingranny said...

Lol - just stitch more or quicker I am sure that counts as exercise

Anonymous said...

beh dis moi , le voisin , hein , y a mieux !!!!!vas lui mettre tes poubelles , on va voir si le prendra bien !!!!pffffffffffff
parle au proprio , ne te laisse pas faire !

Sharon said...

I would be SOO ticked about the neighbor situation...I hope there will be a quick resolution. I had a wonderful chuckle about your Denise Austen experience - I hate perky exercise people!! Just sweat, grunt and complain along with me - but don't be perky about it!! :) Keep up the great work - both on exercise and your XS. (I really am PROUD of you!!!) :)

mainely stitching said...

As a dog owner, I have to say that what your neighbor has done is just unspeakably rude!! If our dogs pooed by anyone's entrance - our neighbor or a total stranger - I would clean it up immediately. You need to say very bluntly to your neighbor that this must never happen again. Someone that rude, you have to be very direct with.

Carmen said...

Cada día la fuchsia está más linda, me encanta los colores de lanarte,y ver como crece tu trabajo.

qué mala suerte lo de tu vecino,que poco cívico !, ojalá puedas solucionarlo, mucho animo!!

Pumpkin said...

I take it he has never heard of poop and scoop >:o(

Debra said...

Keep up the good work. Good luck with the dog.
Debra in Indiana

Wendy said...

Hi Chiloe,

I just found your blog and you did some wonderful stitching projects! I love them. I will come back to visit again.

Greetings from Belgium,

Tammy said...

Nasty dog poop! That's just a crappy situtation to have to deal with all over again.

Your stitching is lovely, as usual.

Unknown said...

I'm sorry about the dog poop. Our new neighbors had a dog also who peed in our hallway and down the stairs. DH stepped in it coming back up from the laundry room and they only cleaned one little spot and left the rest plus they didn't pick up after it outside. Luckily though enough ppl complained and they were forced to get rid of it.

Your stitching is beautiful! It looks like a painting. :)

Meari said...

LOL, well dahling... Here's what I'd do.... just push the "poop" over to his side!