Thursday, January 15, 2009

Trip to the E.R. (stitches included)

My morning was pretty quiet: I was having fun cleaning up ( ) when the phone rang. Steb's teacher was on the line to let me know that Steb had just fell down and hit a rock (one of the few rocks in the recess area ... ) She added she tought he needed stitches and that I should come as soon as possible. Of course, we rushed and we took him to the hospital. He needed 2 stitches (of course, I could have done it but I'm not sure they will have appreciated cross stitches and I may have been carried away and keep stitching !!! ) Steb was a real trooper: he barely cried when he fell and didn't cry at all at the hospital. I held the mask so they could work on him while he was as gone as a drug addict (Pierre never responded well to the gaz when he was sick but Steb loved it !!!) Chuy was holding his hands. Here is a pic of my wounded boy:
We went home with some gifts: his mask
and because he did so good at getting high , he got a whistling airplane.
After that, we dropped Chuy's off to work and we stopped at our local fast food to grab a quick meal. I did feel guilty but it was late and we needed to eat - fast !!!

Tonight should be interesting: we have to wake him up every three hours to make sure he doesn't have a concussion That's going to be HARD !!!! I have trouble to fall asleep but once I sleep, I do sleep very deeply !!!

With the whole ordeal, I almost burned down the house . I was cooking potatoes when the phone rang and then I rushed to get ready to leave but I completly forgot the pan on the stove Thanks god, Chuy remembered before leaving (he even rushed back and I thought: what is he doing? We've got to go !!!! )

: I forgot to mention that Emma is sick too. She has temperature and she may have the flu ... So Steb and Emma won't go to school tomorrow.

I took a another picture with my camera: we see the bird better but we can't really see the fabric. (click to enlarge.)
And my daily picture for my addicted ones Are you addicted?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear, poor Steb. I do hope he's ok and that it doesn't leave a visible scar. He's a brave little soldier :o)

I love your stitching. It's great to watch how it's growing.

Kathy A. said...

Poor Steb. Glad that he is okay. That must have been very scary for you. Glad Chuy remembered that pot - one disaster at a time right!
Love those fuschia's - nice work.

Laural said...

Poor kiddo :( I'm glad he did well throughout though.

Carolyn NC said...

Poor buddy - all of our kids ended up with stitches, too, somewhere on the face before they were 3. Must be a rite of passage or something, or maybe it's just called childhood. :)
Either way, it's nerve-wracking!
Steb deserves his plane - he's a trooper!
Hope tomorrow is a little calmer and sees everyone better.

tkdquintmom said...

omg poor baby! Tell him that it's a 'war wound' :-) ya know, things he can tell his future girlfriend to sound more dramatic? :-) Hugs to the bird and the flower is just stunning.

Sharon said...

Poor baby, glad it wasn't too serious. Hope both the kids feel better soon. Fuchsia looks fab as always.

Cathy said...

Well, you just have all kinds of mess going on there, don't you?

Pumpkin said...

Poor little guy! What a day he's had. I think cross stitches would have looked quite interesting. Just think of the colors you could have used ;o)

I'm sorry that Emma is sick. I think it's just that time of year :o(

Akila said...

Oh poor Steb!!! But Chiloe, hats off to you, to be able to say all this with such great humor.

Of course, I am addicted to your blog, coz you make it so lively.

Felicity said...

I'm so sorry! I'm sitting here in fits of laughter at the thought of cross stitches in Stebs forehead. He'll be back to normal with a HP scar to cheer him on in no time! I love the fuschia and the birdie. Gorgeous fabric!!! Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

:: eek ::

I'm glad it wasn't worse, hope Steb heals quickly and there is no concussion.

There was a huge cross stitched quilt at the hospital Heidi went to yesterday. It was just fabulous and I wondered if some of their staff had practiced their stitching making the quilt :grin:

Crossing fingers for speedy recovery for Emma also.

Hubby had to get a mole removed today and he has 7 stitches on his shoulder but Stebs are much neater.

Your Christmas Bird Lanarte looks fabulous, congratulations on the finish.

Annie has really started getting into Hello Kitty as well. I shall have to look out for Hello Kitty designs over here.

Srinity said...

I hope Steb and Emma are feeling better.

I love the colours on the Fuchsia! It is so beautiful! And the birdie is cute.

Sally said...

Aww poor Steb. I hope he heals quickly. Hope Emma is better soon too.

I love your birds! They are just gorgeous. Congratulations on your finish. Also love how your fuschias are looking.

mainely stitching said...

Altogether TOO MUCH excitement in your house these days!!! Glad the little guy is doing well, and I do hope that Emma will be okay, too. Take care!!

Carmen said...

poor baby, but is a war scar, the boys show this scar one another. I hope Emma feel well soon. and,thank god Chuy remembered the potatoes!

today was a very hard day to you and your family,i hope,tomorrow be a peace and quite day.

i am lanarte adict!, the fuchsi look great every day!

Tanja said...

Unfortunately with kids you get to know the ER inside out. But Steb looks like a trooper. I could not help but laugh when you wrote about those cross stitches. So funny.

I left you a message on my blog, hope you don't mind.


Anonymous said...

Pauvre Steb!
En plein milieu du front! Mon fils a eu 3 point à ce meme endroit quand il était petit, parel sur un cailloux!

Soigne bien tes petits malades et profite en pour broder ton supetbe fuchia ;-)