Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's getting cold !!!!

I think winter is ready to make its big entrance as the temperature dropped without any warning ( I don't watch the forecast ... ) Too bad as the kids are in vacation ... Today Pierre had a friend over. This guy is soooooooo cool: he's only 11 and a half and he has already his OWN cellular phone He will make every parents a looser as there is no way we'll buy Pierre a cellular he doesn't need

I hope my war against the yucky lices is over ( I didn't find anything in their hair today ... let's cross our fingers ... ) But in 4 days, we'll all get the oily lotion all over our head

I started to stitch the sheriff badge last night. It's strange how a small design can take so much time to stitch ... (it's clickable).

Tomorrow, we'll go to eat fast food with a friend and her daughter. The kid will play together and will chat about ... lices !!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Cell phone at 11! Eek. That is way too young.

Daffycat said...

Oh my, lice are the worst. Silicone hair shine works a treat keeping nits off at night and it washes out easy; it also makes it easy to comb through long hair. Keep that bedding washed every day too!

OMG...your Wild West is so far along! I think I blinked and it's almost done. Is that needle burning hot when you set it down? ;o)

Carla said...

Has avanzado mucho desde la ultima vez que lo y te esta quedando genial! Crucemos los dedos para que ya no te visiten mas ranas ;)

Espero hayan ya muerto todos los "habitantes" en sus cabezas.

Petra said...

this cell phone business for preteens is too much! why do they need to chat so much???

Hope you had a nice dinner!

Pumpkin said...

I hope those little bugs are gone for good!

Children should NOT have cell phones. There are adults that should NOT have cell phones. ;o)

I think your piece is looking fantastic!

Sally said...

Finger's crossed that the bugs are gone for good.

Your wild west piece is coming along really fast Chiloe!

It's certainly getting cold here in the UK. Parts of had snow already but we haven't.....yet!

Jennifer said...

I agree with Pumpkin - there are adults that shouldn't have phones. Preteens don't need phones. I'm not even so sure teenagers need them, except maybe for emergencies once they start driving.