Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween report !!!

Pierre and Emma were very excited to celebrate Halloween even though fashion has faded away and fewer and fewer people celebrate it. First they went to my mom's neighborood and I stayed home with Steb who had a 104° F ( 40° C )temperature (Can someone explained me why my kids always get sick on week end or holidays? ) Anyway, they got some candies over there and when they came back they decided to try their luck in our building. Few people had candies but a sweet neighbor promised them to bring them candies the next morning (and she did !!! she already brought them three bags of candies - she went out even though the weather is terrible: windy, rainy and cold ... Sweet neighbor !!!) We had a friend over (her name is Camille) so it was really nice to share this Halloween, even though it is not close to the Halloween they knew in Texas ... You know what I really miss here ? the candy corn candies

Trying to be scary :

Better with hats :

Steb wanted to share the fun and went with them in our building :

Of course, last night I didn't stitch at all but I want to show you my thrusday's progress: I finished the sheriff badge and did the backstitch on the letter "i" . It looks much better with backstitching actually. If you enlarge you will even see I started to stitch some of the sea (backstitches too). I'm almost all done with the town's names, except for two. I may have some trouble with the gold because my gold metallic thread got really bad (so bad I can't use it actually) ... I will use the one I bought for the christmas tree ....


lili said...

trés mignons tes loulous

Lori said...

Cute costumes.

We had alot of trick or treaters.
I think about 40. Even the parents that follow them dress up.

I was a Fairy, serving candy at my door.

Your neighbour is a woman of her word and sounds very kind.

Lori said...

Glad our costumes made you smile! :o)

To answer the question of how I was able to put up so many tickers... I create them, go to my blog, press add a gadget... then add them as HTML. Then I move them to where I want.

I use ticker factory. You can create small or large tickers there.

There is probably a link on my tickers. Good luck!

mainely stitching said...

Sorry that you had a sick kid for Halloween - is he feeling better now? Sounds like your kids did a great job making the best of celebrating an American holiday abroad! :D

Petra said...

I hope everyone is healthy again today or at least by tomorrow! I love those hats!

Mental note: Chiloe candy corn Halloween it!

Anonymous said...

Poor Steb. I hope he is feeling better soon.

The costumes and children are adorable. The neighbour sounds like a lovely lady.

Kendra said...

Happy belated Halloween to you and yours! Hope Steb is feeling better soon.

Unknown said...

Hope steb is feeling better. The kids look great..and I love the hats!

Great've made great progress.

Velda said...

Hope Steb is better...adorable costumes!

Daffycat said...

Poor Steb! My DD has that affliction of getting ill every holiday...she is in college and it STILL happens!

Wonderful costumes and your stitching is fantastic!

Pumpkin said...

Awwwww...the kids look fantastic! I'm sorry that Steb was sick :o( Poor fellow.

Your map is looking really good Chiloe :o)

Meari said...

LOL, cute costumes! That was so sweet of the neighbor lady to bring candies the next day.