Thursday, October 2, 2008

it's thursday !!!

This one is for Velda (I know you are going to have a lot of fun with this little toy and maybe you already know it )


I got a mail today from Silkweaver: they had a fall clearance : 50% off on some solo's. I was preparing a history test for Emma (she will have her test at school tomorrow) while I got the mail. Of course, I had to check: the prices were good so I put some solos in my cart. That's when their web site starting to act up funny and I lost ALL my solos ....... I tried to get back some solos and then, my solos started to disappeared from my cart (literally!) So beware if you shop for their solo's : it's not because they are in your cart that you will get them at the end ... It never happened to me in the old website (but people asked to have the solo's in the new web site to earn points - their system didn't even recognize me and I had to start a new account ...)

Look at him: he's ready to go digging on his mountain (because nobody wants to dance with him: are you gold diggers? ) I have to admit that it's a little weird for me to stitch a man (maybe because it's my first time )
Today, I got my order from JJ's collectibles: DMC threads, some kreiniks and Mill Hills beads for my treat or trick fairy. It took 2 weeks to arrive but it's here !!! I have many nice charts but I often miss 3 or 4 colors and as you know in Europe, the prices are way too expensive. I got them on sale and I paid only 0.23 Euros cents each (here it cost 1.22 Euros each ) I really need to check the colors I need, make my list and place an order in their next sale

I have more things to tell you but it's time to stitch !!! Thanks for stopping by


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your work on trick or treat fairy!

Ranae said...

Wild West is looking good.
I ordered ToT fairy stuff from J.J.'s too.

mainely stitching said...

I couldn't get on the site at all, and by the time I could, everything interesting was gone. :( I hate their new site.

Anonymous said...

Urgh sorry you've had problems with the silkweaver site.

Your man is looking great, does Chuy know you've been spending so much time with someone else?

Veronica said...

Your guy is looking good ~.^

Yup, I was looking at their website halfway too when it just went down. All the solos have practically been cleared out. Oh well!

DMC threads usually cost RM1.40 here which converted is about 0.29 Euro cents. So if you're in need next time with no sale around, let me know and I can get em for you.

Carmen said...

great advance!

Sally said...

I had problems on the Silkweaver site too and was on when it crashed. Guess there must have been a lot of people looking!

Pumpkin said...

Your man is really coming along :o)

Stash is always good! I managed to get three pieces of SW but the rest disappeared :o( Oh well. Better some than none!

Love the yearbook link. LOL!