Monday, October 13, 2008

Monday morning !!!

This morning starting in a hurry: we all woke up (the kids and I - Chuy was already at work.) at 7.50 am instead of 7.00 We did rush after that I don't know what happened: I have 2 alarm clocks to avoid this kind of problem ... Should I buy a third one? Of course, on sunday, the kids were awake at 7 o'clock ...

Thanks for your comments yesterday. I guess we are all busy with our life and I'm too addicted to comments ...

I love the new Stoney Creek afghan and I was searching for some pictures . I fond Erla Bjork's blog. I love looking at her afghan progress.

Yesterday was pictures day:

Of course, like always, it's very hard to take Esteban's picture:

This is what you get when you offer a Nintendo DS game for a birthday:
We went out and I tried pictures of the 3 little babes (always a challenge with Steb ... ):

Try number 1:

Steb's look on the pic: "is she done yet?"

Try number 2:

Steb " this is sooooooo damn boring".

Try number 3

Steb: "nope, I won't stay still !!!"
I better run away !!!!!!!!!!!!

I took many pictures but few are good ...
We went to visit this castle:
I'm getting tired of my stagecoach so I added another town: Sacramento and something that goes like "lost Ma something ... !!!"


Sally said...

I love the photos of your children Chiloe:)

Fantastic progress on your stitching! You seem to be going really fast with it!

Pumpkin said...

Your children are so cute Chiloe :o)

You are really coming along with your stagecoach!

Unknown said...

well done chiloe the pics are lovely even if steb wouldnt sit still lol and your wip is coming on great too!

Carla said...

Muy lindas las fotos de tus niños :)
Tu bordado esta quedando genial !!

Andie said...

Gorgeous pictures :D I hear grumblings of boredom with you wip.... does that mean the poor old fella will be put aside before he finds gold?

mainely stitching said...

Absolutely wonderful pictures of the kids! And isn't there always at least one in the bunch who won't sit still/smile/etc. LOL!

We woke up the other day at 8 am, too. Wonder if it's something in the air? ;)

Laural said...

Great pictures of the kids! What is it about the early weekend mornings? My son is that way too.

Daffycat said...

Steb reminds me of my dog...she refuses to look at the camera! A dog treat sometimes helps but I don't think that works with children. ;O)

I wish you'd finish that darn stagecoach; I want to go somewhere!

Veronica said...

Your kids are so adorable. Beautiful castle. What's its name?

Treasure Map is looking good. I second what Daffycat said... I wanna go somewhere on that stagecoach ^.^

sugardoll said...

Steb is totally a cutie, I love his blond hair =)

And I adore the pics of the 3 of them. they are all so cute together. Beautiful kids.

Anonymous said...

You have adorable children.

I do wonder why my girls seem to sleep in on weekdays and are up before dawn on the weekends. Ah well.

You are making really good progress on the stage coach.

Tammy said...

Your children photograph so beautifully.

The stitching is really coming along.

Anonymous said...

C'est sûr, il faut jouer les grands reporters paparazzi pour obtenir une photo de nos p'tits loup. Je vois que je ne suis pas la seule à en faire des dizaines pour en avoir une ! Ta deuxième est absolument craquante.

Unknown said...

oh your children are so cute. Your little lady is going to grow up and break lots of hearts. Steb is like me, I don't take pictures well.

Your progress is coming along nicely. Do you know what you will start next?

Cidalia said...

Hello Chiloe!
I´m waiting for your tuesday update... I guess I´m a little addict to your blog... (I need to get a life ;) ).
Hope that everything is fine with your lovely family.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of your family, Chiloe! They're adorable!

Windy said...

Cute pics of the kids! What a beautiful castle!