Sunday, October 5, 2008

Makeover !!!

Look: everything is new! It seems I have a new template but actually I just added a new background and it is soooooooo easy to do !!!! I've been wanted to change my template for a long long time but I never did it because it always warned me I will loose all my widgets. I don't have time to reinstall everything. But this morning I found a way to install only a background !!! It only took me some time to understand that first I had to switch to the Minima template on Blogger Then I followed their advice and tadaaaaaa !!! So what do you think? Here is the link in case you want to change your blog look easily

I spent way too much time on the internet last night so my progress is very small but for those who are addicted to their daily picture, here it is:
Longrina, do you have a blog or a gallery so we can see your stitching? You can write in french, english or spanish


Anonymous said...

He's looking great Chiloe, and I love your new background. It's very pretty.

Pumpkin said...

I think it looks fantastic :o)

You can speak THREE languages???? Wow!

Veronica said...

Oooh, he's handsome ;) Love the gun.
I wish I could speak Spanish and French too. I know Chinese which is useful and Malay (Malaysia's national language) which is useful here but not much elsewhere in the world.
By the way, Dawn's RR is a Stoney Creek design. I edited my post to include the links so check it out again if you wanna.

Sonda said...

Sorry to hear your grandma is not very nice to's tough when it's family and they can't say anything nice. Haven't visited for awhile, but you have sure been busy with your miner fellow. Are you sure DH isn't getting jealous? :) As for Pierre, you know, every child is different and they all learn differently and (don't tell the school systems this) they learn AT THEIR OWN PACE. I bet Pierre has got some amazing qualities that are not appreciated by the schools. You, as his mother, are actually the best person to see him for the wonderful little person that he is.

Anonymous said...

Loving the new look blog.

Your stitching on the gun looks all done.

I've finished the border on my advent calendar. All that blue! Blah. Just have the little plastic canvas people to go.

Ginnie said...

Yep, like the new look!!!!

Tanja said...

I'm addicted to seeing your progress in the daily pictures, I admit! You are such an amazingly fast stitcher, there is always something new!


mainely stitching said...

Looks FABULOUS, Chiloe!

Ranae said...

I love the background, I will have to check it out, Thanks!!

Tammy said...

Looking beautiful!

Like the new blog look, too.

Sally said...

I love the new look of your blog so much I went and had a look myself last night and changed mine too! Love not having to add all the widgets and stuff again.

Your stitching is looking good. He's stitching up so fast.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the changing back ground link! I've been wanting to change mine for a while now. Your new background looks great!

As always your gold miner is looking awesome.

Cidalia said...

Hello Chiloe!
J´a eu un choc aujourd´hui quand j´ai lu ton update et j´ai vu mon nickname dessus!! lol ;)
Je n´ai pas de blog, et je n´ai pas beaucoup d´ouvrages. J´ai déjà pensé a créer un blog, mais je ne suis pas aussi disciplinée que toi et je n´aurais pas des daily update.
Comment fais-tu? Quel est ton secret pour en faire autant avec 3 enfants?!!! J´ai une petite fille de 3 ans et je ne trouve le temps de rien faire!! JE vois tellement de belles choses que je veux tout faire et après je ne fais rien... :( any advice for me? lol
I love your blog, he´s very inspiring, with great pictures, wonderful works... Don´t stop no matter what your grand´ma or else may say. You´re an artist.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

oh mais tu as changé toute ta présentation! C'est sympa.
Je vois que tu travaille toujours aussi vite et bien. :-)

Windy said...

cutest blog on the block is so easy! I have been trying to get others on board for awhile. Looks great!