Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How to make a man happy and a birthday !!!!

You want to make a man very happy? Easy ! No need for steamy lingerie ( 18 th century style) . No, no,no. All you need is that:

Yep! This is what Chuy got this morning from his nephew (actually he got 2 of them but he took the other one to work before I could snap a pic. That shows you how excited it was !!! ) His nephew sent him a cup and a mug with his former company logo ( Chuy used to work in the same company as his nephew - who still works there.) They also sent some pictures and some clothes from the Children place for the kids ( size XL for Pierre that fits Chuy )

It's someone's birthday today !!! Pierre is turning 12 ! Hard to imagine but true !!! Where those years went by? He's very happy and is excited to celebrate his birthdy on sunday at my moms (he especially loves the idea of having some new games for his playstation )

My boy is still happy. Do you know why is happy? Because he knows his lady is coming soon to live happily with him (understand cook, clean, wash dirty smelly clothes and so on ... ) See all your bagages ready up there? Yep, those are yours so are you ready for your pioneer life???

I had to remove the let's stitch blog from my google reader today as there are so many daily messages in that blog that my other blogs posts were drowned under all these messages and I couldn't know what you were about. So now I will be able to resume regular reading and comment on your blog more often. I love the let's stitch blog where people post their UFO's and progress about it. Check it out.

Longrina asked me how I find time to blog with three kids: easy! I'm a multi tasks woman. Like tonight: I started dinner and while it was cooking I started uploading my pictures and I kept going back and forth from the kitchen to the computer and after the kids go to bed, I am finishing to write my message ! ANd now, it's time for some stitching


mainely stitching said...

Hooray for multi-tasking!!

Speaking of pictures, I took some of Arden wearing the great clothes you sent him, but I can't find my camera-computer cable! Grr!!

Anonymous said...

I used a background on my 'new' blog...thank you for pointing the way :o)

Tammy said...

Your stitching is really coming along.

I'm a multi tasker too! I don't know how to do one thing at a time. It is sad but true.

Pumpkin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIERRE!!!! May you have a very special day :o)

How many suitcases is the woman allowed? ;o)

Andie said...

Happy Birthday Pierre! Hope you have a wonderful day!

tkdquintmom said...

Now that is one big gulp! Hopefully not full of coffee! LOL

Anonymous said...

Your man is looking good.

Glad Chuy is loving his gifts.

Happy Birthday Pierre! Almost a teenager :eek:

Unknown said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PIERRE!! Hope he has a great day.

Your goldminer is looking great, I love coming to your blog and seeing your progess.

Unknown said...

happy birthday pierre!!!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Pierre!!

Windy said...

Happy bday to Pierre. You are a woman with many talents Chiloe!