Sunday, October 26, 2008


I was able to stitch last night !!! It fell soooooooooooooo good ! I didn't advance too much because I stitched backwards again: I had to frog twice the same part I thought about you and decided to stitch his bag. Yes, why should he kill his back if he can't bring the gold back to YOU ! (it's clickable: you'll see the guy look tired just for your beautiful face )
One of my favorite designer is Veronique Enginger: most of her designs are published in the french mag De fil en Aiguille. But there is a good news: she got a book released !!! It's called: Souvenir d'enfance au point de croix.(the link is from the french amazon in case you want to order it ). You can see some images in this BLOG. I just love her realistic designs with a nostalgic touch.

The kids are on fall break for one week and a half !!! At last And the good thing about it is that we changed time so we can sleep one more hour: how cool is that? The plan for tomorrow is to go to the supermarket change Pierre's Playstation game and buy more ink for my printer.

See, I put an ads on my building entrance door to let everybody know my appartment will be available for rent in december. Well, a moron, jerk, unknown person decided it would be a LOT of fun to take my paper down everytime I will put one Anyway, I'm going to put some ads in different stores like the bakery or the labs and for that, I need some black ink to print my little ads.

I forgot to mention I added two widgets to my blog: you can officially follow my blog as this widget is now available here and the list of blogs I like that I imported from my google reader.


Cidalia said...

Hi chiloe,
your work is looking better day after day!
I do ADORE your blog, and I hope you can answer my e-mail... that will make me very happy!
Don´t forget: keep stitching and blogging!

Unknown said...

wonder why the guy keeps taking down your sign..strange.

Your gold miner looks great..awesome stitching

thanks for the heads up about the clickable pictures..I never knew if I centered it no one could click onit.

Andie said...

Sorry to hear the frogs visited you too! They seem to be visiting lots of people lately :D I am the same with the kids toys, sneak some out when they aren't looking, they don't play with them anyway lol

Unknown said...

hi chiloe how is the packing going? hope everything is well

shel xx

Carla said...

te esta quedando genial! ojala ya no visiten más las ranas :)

Anonymous said...

He looks fantastic. You are making great progress on the stitching.

I do hope your signs find someone to rent the apartment.

Pumpkin said...

WHOA! He's looking good :o) Sorry about Mr. Frog :o( Don't send him this way. LOL!

Our time changes this coming weekend and I can't wait. An extra hour to sleep :o)

Well that's mean >:o( I hope you can get someone to take over your apartment.

Laural said...

Ugh.. sorry about the frogs. Those designs are adorable!

mainely stitching said...

Good luck keeping your sign up, for your apartment! Maybe someone just likes you so much, they don't want you to move!!

Hope you can do some more forward stitching soon. ;)

tkdquintmom said...

Good luck with the move, I hope you have a 'special box' for your stitching! :-)