Saturday, November 15, 2008

Last day for the giveaway !!!!

Today is the last day to enter my first giveaway, click here !!! 43 persons already entered. I'll draw a name tomorrow. I don't know what is more fun: name in a bowl or ???

Don't hesitate to enter because you may win !!! Look: I won myself on Susan' blog. She had various giveaways during the month of october for the cancer awareness month. I entered them all and won this nice writting set and a tin of mint candies.
Here is my progress for those who are addicted to my progress pics !!!
Have you started you christmas shopping? I did and I feel I had to because some of the toys the kids want were already sold out in some stores (yep, in the middle of november ... ) Steb wants the Playmobil circus and only the circus. I don't know why. With thousand of commercials everyday, you will think he will change his mind everyday but no, he ONLY wants the circus. Now, who can explain me why my kids always want the hottest hard to find toys of the season ? Since Emma got to ride ponies during the summer, she's a little obsessed with horses and want the Barbie with two horses that can REALLY walk Great idea except that I can't find the dran horses I guess I need to go back to Toys R Us and try to order it ... Last year, the pet shops house was a big hit and of course, Emma wanted one ... and got one !!! Here, they started putting the christmas toys in the store in hte middle of october ... Next year, I suggest they skip back to school to focus in christmas right after the summer vacation !!!

I decided to change my background to a more chritsmassy / wintery feel. What do you think?

Have a great week end!


Andie said...

Oh dear, hope you find the presents :D We have a big family present and then the kids all get some little things, so it saves us having the hassle you have :D I like your new background! Its lovely and warm here 31 Celcius yesterday :D Your wip is gorgeous! I love the colours!

Daffycat said...

Ooo, I remember trying to find those hard Christmas pressies...I remember a fruitless search for a Buzz Lightyear one time. Never could find one; Santa had to write a so-sorry note!

Anonymous said...

I know, it's a nightmare isn't it. Alan bought me a Wii last Christmas and they were out of stock everywhere. He eventually managed to grab one at Tesco on Christmas Eve!

Love your Christmassy background!

Lori said...

I do like your back ground! :o)

Yes... Christmas shopping. sigh :o(

Sharon said...

Chiloe, your Lanarte piece is gorgeous. Do the Lanarte kits use dmc or anchor threads? Congrats on your win.

Anonymous said...

Ooooh don't say they should skip back to school and start the Christmas stuff then - that would be in January for us! :eek:

I'm getting my girls very practical gifts this year, school uniforms, lunch boxes etc.

But I have no idea what to get my nephews. Sister in law said Lego, but it is impossible to find any under $20 which is my spending limit for the nieces and nephews.

Maybe I should stitch them some lego :grin:

Faith Ann said...

Great progress... love the colours!!

Oh gosh, good luck finding those toys!!! DS doesn't seem to have his heart set on anything in particular this year. He's mentioned a lot of different things in passing, but nothing comes up over and over.

mainely stitching said...

Your blog background is pretty, Chiloe.

We start holiday shopping around the summer break, when those seasonal sales start.

Rowen wanted Barbie horses, too. Ugh! HTF, and expensive, too!

Petra said...

I think I saw that horse yesterday at Target...yeah I know no help to you.:(
good luck....James is getting Spike the Dinosaur


Terry said...

Your progress picture is looking good. Love those colors! Good luck finding the toys for the kids. Our secret is the kids don't get the new toys they get the toys that were "in" last year because we buy clearance. We go to Target in January when they mark down all Christmas toys to 75% off. Oh and here, they start putting up the Christmas decorations for sale at the same time as their Halloween decorations. They have half the space with Halloween and the other half Christmas. LOL

Srinity said...

I have bought couple of Christmas presents but still have to find many more. I like your new backround. :)

Sally said...

Lovely progress on your Lanarte Chiloe.

DH and I are Christmas shopping next week. I am hoping we can what the girls would like as it's a nightmare when you can't find it!

Love the new background. I nearly chose that one!

Pumpkin said...

Nope, don't even want to hear about Christmas... :oS

That tin of mints is too cute! what brand are they?

Your flower is really starting to blossom ;o)

Windy said...

Ahh the endless search for three X-mas toys...The Playmobil Circus is soo cute!