Friday, November 28, 2008

Just taking a break

No stitching tonight: I stll have a lot of things to do (understan: pack but let's not say dirty words )

I was checking my google analytics. It's always funny to see how people arrive to a blog.

People who typed those words ended up to my blog: "packing dancing" Is there a method I am not aware of that could make the whole thing fun and help me loose weight? Pumkin: we should be having fun and we didn't even know it

Some typed: " how to make a man happy" Gosh, they must have been so dispointed when they realized my man got happy by getting a huge insulated cup from his nephew

Antoher one typed: "story of a boy with 3 hair" The person must have very disapointed as at one point, my boy had no hair at all

Those puzzled me " windy clucki" " chelsea buckle tote dooce " он-лайн перводчик

One decided to type: " Chiloe rehab" I repeat it officially here: I won't go to rehab for being a cross stitch addict ! Is it clear?

I like that one: "
chiloe skip or not skip": I'll say: don't skip. I don't bite, try to be funny once in a while and usually show you nice pictures

What did people type before going to your blog? Aren't you curious?

Thanks for your nice and warm comments on my excting (understand : stressful) move !!! Today we bought Emma a new bed. My parents are going to pick up the boxes tomorrow ( Ho, the joy of mounting furniture : Marita I'm thinking about you here ) By the way, Marita, I followed your advice and brought some of Steb's toys in the house Thanks, I wouldn't have thought about it.

Now it's time to go back to busyland


Marie said...

Bon courage pour ton déménagement....
et zut si tu restes longtemps sans connection internet... tes messages vont me manquer... même si tu es la voix de la raison :-)) point positif : tu vas pouvoir broder loin du net ! quelle belle avancée tu vas faire sur tes fushias...
bisous... à bientôt..

Anonymous said...

Putting the furniture together is no fun at all. But the results are worth it :grin:

Glad you took some of Stebs toys over, I hope it helps him settle in quickly.

My most popular search term seems to be "Wet Men", followed by wrestlers names which I think is because of Hot Hunk Thursdays. The other popular terms are "scary cake" and "Dentist Social Story".

The "slutsrus" search has me worried though.

Tanja said...

Chiloe, all those searches point in the direction of what a happy person you are! Dancing and packing, now that's a combination I could go for!
Put on some good old disco music and your red shoes, and before you know it, three more boxes done :-)


Pumpkin said...

ROFL! You are SO funny Chiloe ;o) Do you know something fun about moving that I don't????

I'm going to have to look that up for my Blog sometime. You wonder what people are thinking sometimes...

Cidalia said...

Hi Chiloe,
I hope everything will be alright with the moving.
Hope that you´ll have internet the soon as possible in the mid time i will missing your funny posts.
Take care!

Sue said...

I don't use Google Analytics, maybe I should?

I noticed my niece's name "Windy Cluki" on your words people use to get to your blog which is almost the correct spelling of her last name, but not really! I know that you and she read each others' blogs, and comment on them. Interesting!

Take care and please stitch soon, I miss your updates.

Sally said...

I will have to have a look at Google Analytics!

Good luck with the move Chiloe:) Hope you're not away from your blog too long.