Monday, November 3, 2008

It's monday again !!!!

Last night I went to bed late and couldn't fall asleep after that ... I'm the kind of person who put her head on the pillow and start the small computer in her head ... I really hate that ... even though I try to make some effort to concentrate on one thing, my mind always wanders its own way ... I finally went to bed at 2 am ... I'm not too tired today but usually, I pay the price the next day ...

I finished the bull yesterday and added some details to the map. You all think I'm very close to finish but actually I still have some thousands miles / kilometers of backstitches to do !!!

Daffycat wanted to know what is waiting for me after the stinky guy. This:

It's fushia in watercolor by Lanarte and I had already showed it to you but I can't resist showing it again just for the pleasure of my eyes !!! Let me tell you that my hand does slap the other one very regularly because I'm getting tired of stitching backstitches and want to stitch something beautiful with 'happy colors "!!!

If you love Victoria Clayton silk flosses, she has a sale right now: $0.83 cents a floss, which is 50% off her regular price. But be patient as a lot of people are ordering right now and the site is a little slow ... And don't forget to register first or otherwise you could loose all your cart. You can also pay with Paypal.

Today, I took Steb to the osteopath : I still hope we could avoid surgery for his little "nuts" problem ... She said he's very tensed on one side of one hip which may cause him to always "play" with his "nuts" : making them going up and down ... I'll see her again in 6 months. We'll see the surgreon when he'll be 5 years old. I wish I could avoid the surgery as I am not too fond of hospitals ... If you know a baby who had the tear ducts plugged, you should consider osteopathy (it did avoid Emma a surgery.)

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Natalija said...

This Lanarte design is in my wish list, too :)

Pumpkin said...

That is just a gorgeous design and I can't wait until you start it too ;o) Keep slapping that hand though or else you'll never get your current project done.

Poor Steb! He really has a few problems doesn't he? :o(

Unknown said...

hi chiloe soooo looking forward to seeing this finished now the details are beautiful it all makes a massive difference

i hope you get a better sleep tonight and steb little problem fixes itself soon :)

Anonymous said...

Love your stitching progress.

Poor Steb. I hope you can get by without operating.

Daffycat said...

The buffalo looks good. I'm looking forward to seeing lots of backstitching updates soon then!

Also, looking forward to the fuchias ~ gorgeous colors in that one!

Tanja said...

hi there, keep on stitching on the man and his map, it will be awesome once it is finished!

I love that Lanarte design, most of them, there are a few of them on my wish list too!


Petra said...

The map is great, don't stop now, the end is in site!

Laural said...

Holy Smokes! I miss a few days and it's almost done!

Anonymous said...

tu avances toujours aussi régulièrement, bravo.