Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A day in history !!!

Thanks to that man and million of people who voted for him !!! Amazing !
I couldn't post yesterday because I came back too late from a friend's house. She needed me to take care of her kids while she was going to a store grand opening. ( the official event with the mayor and important people.)

So I added some backstitches and the cardinal points (you don't want him to find the gold and NOT bringing it home (understand : to YOU !) , right? ) I now want to work from top to bottom and fill the missing parts: thousand of backstitches as you can guess but also some nuggets, the playing cards. Still a lot of work ... Too much when temptaion is on your desk looking so ... tempting

The kids go back to school tomorrow: vacations are over !!! I don't like the idea of waking up early again but actually, they were getting wild at home: especially Pierre and Emma ... Bickering, bickering ... At one point, I sent them to their bedroom telling them to kill each other if they wanted to ... I know, I'm a bad mama but at least, I didn't scream, I didn't get mad and I stayed sane ... Oh! And I forgot to mention that they are still alive


vero21 said...

Oh! c'est magnifique!

Oh! What's beautifull !


I love our blog!

hug and have a good day!


Tanja said...

Yes! Isn't it wonderful that Obama won and has a chance to make some changes? I'm thrilled!

About the map: what an incredible amount of work goes into this, it's going to be beautiful! But I can't help thinking that if it was me, I'd toss it aside for a few weeks. You are a much more dedicated stitcher thank goodness :-)


Lori said...

I knida feel sorry for Obamma... he'll be watched like a hawk, scrutinized beyond belief AND he sure inherited a mess! Still... best man to try and clean it up at this point. :o)

I totally understand your "vacation" pain... yelling is contageous though. When they get loud, I often forget to get quiet. :o( Good that you can do that!

Nice Christmas banner! happy to help.

Anonymous said...

I'm more disappointed than I thought I would be. I didn't vote for him; I knew he was going to win, so the end result was what I was expecting, so I don't know why I feel so profoundly sad today.

Andie said...

Gosh you've done HEAPS since I last commented! Its looking wonderful!

Pumpkin said...

Yes, we just witnessed history in the making.

Oh wow! It's really coming together nicely :o)

I didn't realize the kiddies were on vacation. No wonder you sound frazzled ;o) LOL!

Marie said...

ton ouvrage approche de la fin non ??? alors, quel sera le suivant ?
courage pour te lever... la routine reprend... les devoirs...

Mam' Piloo said...

magnifique !!!! bravo


Anonymous said...

Toujours aussi beau ma belle , bisous .

Unknown said...

Your WIP is looking great.

Thank god for school. LOL What would moms do with out it? Go crazy!!!

Sally said...

Wow your wild west piece is coming along well Chiloe! It looks wonderful!

Kathi said...

Chiloe, Your stitches are beautiful. I'm praising God and trusting Him. He placed Obama as our new leader! Have a great day.


Windy said...

I am so so excited for Obama. I am not a Democrat or a Republican but I vote for the best man for the job, in this case it was him.

Meari said...

I think a lot of conservatives knew Obama was going to win so they didn't go to vote. (At least that's what I've heard)

I'm glad Obama won. I'm from Illinois and he actually spoke in my city a couple years ago. He's inherited a mess and you can bet he'll be scrutinized. However, he's hit the ground running and that's impressive in itself, seeing as no other president-elect in history has ever done what he's done and is doing.