Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What a day !

Yesterday afternoon, I had an appointment at 2.30 pm. After lunch, I rushed to get ready and I wantd to grab a book or a magazine (I even thought of taking my cross stitch with me) but I thought I'll be late. So I left empty handed. While on the freeway, I suddendly realized that it was 12.50 and not 1.50 pm like I thought. I couldn't go back home so I decided to wait in the parking lot listenning to the radio. That's what I did playing games on my cell phones. I then realized that the radio was off. I tried to turn on. Nothing. I tried to turn on the car. NOTHING! That's when I realized I forgot the lights I had turned on in my garage So I went to my appointment and then I called my dad to come to the rescue. And he did ! I was lucky he didn't go somewhere ... I was supposed to go to the mall after my appointment but I would have been late to pick up the kids after school so I ended up waiting for them in the school parking lot This morning I went to buy a new battery. This afternoon was better than yesterday: I stitched a little bit !!!

Wanna see my last night progress? Here it is:

I stitched a little bit of the vase (because it's really boring) and some of the roses. I enjoy more the pink colors.

Now let's talk about stash. Remember I promised to show you my last FOTM? Here it is: Seafoam and FOTM exclusive (kind of grey) They are beautiful even though I stll don't know what I'll stitch on the green ... You know: me and green we are not the best of friends

And this is a piece of fabric I had bought on ebay (I love peach !!!) I got it for less than the original price !!!


mainely stitching said...

Great progress and lovely new stash!

Andie said...

Oh dear! It sounds like you had a bad day... me and batteries are not the best of friends lol. I love your new stash, especially the green! I bet a mermaid would look awesome on there.... do you do mermaids? Or something sea lifey anyway :)

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a bad day. I hope today has been better!

Your vase is looking great - really getting interesting now.

Lovely stash :o)

sugardoll said...

Your wip is coming along nicely. The fabbies are really beautiful. I love jazzlyn also. =)

About my EF fabby, I am not sure what to stitch on it yet. But wouldn't you agree that petal fairy looks stunning on it? =^-^=


Stitchingranny said...

Oh how I know that feeling. Me and car lights should not be allowed out together lol.

Great progress.

Sally said...

I do hope today is a better day!

Love your new fabrics. Very pretty colours:)

Lovely progress on the rose. It comes to life more each time I see it.

Beatrice said...

What a day!! I hope today is better.
The fabrics are gorgeous. And I love green so I can only hope you will find something that you love to put on it.
The rest of the colors are very nice too!!
The rose in the vase is soooo nice the soft colors are pretty.