Thursday, October 18, 2007

Saving the world ...

First day of CPR . It went well even though it was a long day. Classes are 8.30 to 12.00 and from 1.30 to 5.00 pm. I learned how to put pressure on a heavily bleeding wound, how to lay someone inconscious on their side and how to help a choking person. With Chuy we learned how to do CPR on babies when Pierre was in NICU. I did use what I learned one day with Esteban who was chocking. Chuy even saved Pierre who was choking on fajitas one day (without having leraned the right way to do it. I am happy it worked!!! ) Sorry ladies, you're going to be disapointed: I have nothing juicy to tell you ... No cute guys to save (or saving me ) And by the way: no killing breath

Have you seen I was able to upload yesterday's picture? So you have yesterday's progress on yesterday's post and you can see today's progress here. Am I complicating everything? I'm working on the vase (down on the pattern) I thought I will be able to stitch during lunch time but I went to eat at Mc Domald's Only healthy stuffs ... And then I decided to go to our only craft store. Everything is way too expensive but it's nice to check around. They had a bin with only Lanarte kits So I had a lot of fun checking this beautiful kits that I couldn't buy I only bought a small piece of fabric for a christmas exchange (one small gift a day like an advent calendar )

I arrived too late to take a good picture of my fabrics so I'm going to show my latest kit bought in England !!! Of course, it's a lanarte kit


Carla said...

y yo que esperaba que nos contaras tus aventuras con los chicos guapos en tus clases de Primeros Auxilios ;) ...bueno al menos hasta ahora nada de malos alientos

Muy bonito el kit que as comprado de Lanarte.

Sally said...

The rose is looking so pretty!

So pleased your first day went well:)