Friday, October 5, 2007


What an interesting tittle I didn't stitch last night (waow! half of the stitchers already left the blog )

I want to show my World of cross stitching that I received a while ago. Yes, I know I'm keeping some secrets from you

There are some little patterns I'd love to stitch but I especially fell in love with a next month project. You know it's like you go for the sale clothes and come back with something from the new collection

Isn't it cute? I can't wait to get the mag !!!

I finally took a picture of the postcards I received from an fall exchange I made with some ladies from a bulletin board. I signed up for a christmas exhange.


Dawn T. said...

That is a cute design!

Tammy said...

I really like the next piece you'll be working. It is extremely cute.

I like the idea of the postcards as well. I've been involved with something similar on a cross stitch board I'm on. It was loads of fun.

Happy stitching to you.

Carla said...

Que diseño más bonito!!
Las postales de otoño que recibiste esta lindas!

Stitchingranny said...

Hi, in reply to message left on my blog.

The bigger writing space came with the new blog layout I chose; (main reason I chose it was because i liked the idea of the bigger writing space). If you go into customise and go to the Choose New Template tab, it is the one called Minima Stretch.

Hope that helps Chiloe' Like you I hate evenweave so Gracious Era is being done on 28ct dove grey evenweave.

Marita said...

Postcards are lovely, what a great exchange idea.

I really like that pattern also. Might have to get myself over to my fav. online stitching shop and put in a magazine order.

Stitcher S said...

Thanks for your kind words regarding my daughter on my blog!

The little piece is very cute and cozy. Your postcards are lovely, too. What a fun idea!