Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I'm working on the sombrero right now. There is some backstitches to do on the bear but like the project is small, I can easily leave it to the end. I'm trying to work by color. I'm half way done with the hat !!! I think it's going to be completed by the end of the week which is nice and relaxing.

Yesterday, my headache was under control very fast so I was able to stitch but I'm not reasonable as I tend to go to bed close to midnight.

I found this
video on the net (it's like you tube) It's a video made by art students. It's very well done. You need to watch until the end. Those students are very talented.

Today the weather is foggy and rainy ! How can we have both at the same time?

Have a good time


Sally said...

He is looking good:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chiloe

Your bear is so cute! It's so good to have some quick finishes after working on large projects for months isn't it.

That video is lovely. The only thing is I didn't quite understand it as I couldn't read the 'certificate' and text at the end.

Anonymous said...

The paper at the end says: the name of the little girl, that she was involved in a car accident and that she had a near death experience.

Tammy said...

Well, isn't he just the cutest little bear. You sure are stitching him up quickly! Great job so far.

sugardoll said...

Wow so much progress. This project is totally instant gratification!!

I love the 3d animation. Hubby does this sort of thing, I will have to show him that I am sure he will like it too!

Sorry that your weather is not at its best. Hope tomorrow will be nice and sunny. =)

Anonymous said...

There´s not missing much! Keep going on! Like this little bear!

Marita said...

Great work on the bear. You really are stitching up a storm.

Anonymous said...

Could you send mail to me at virpi.rantakangas@netti.fi about the chart trade. I didn't find your wishlist - I'm interested to see which charts/kits you found from my wishlist. LOL. I'm too curious. I looked at your stash and you hve so many nice projects waiting!!!

Anonymous said...

Coucou, tu vois, je suis là, même si je ne suis pas à l'aise en anglais !!!
trop mignon, ton ours, j'adore !!!

Dawn T. said...

The bear is so cute!

Beatrice said...

Your little bear is so cute. I love the hat. Looks like a finish is in the making.

Carla said...

Si que has avanzado en este diseño...el osito mexicano esta quedando genial!